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5 Home Care Benefits of Adding Fiber-Rich Foods to Your Senior’s Diet

Your senior may not be getting the fiber-rich foods her body needs in her daily diet. Here’s why these health benefits are important and how home care can help.
Benefits of Fiber-Rich Foods: Senior Home Care Cape Coral FL
Benefits of Fiber-Rich Foods: Senior Home Care Cape Coral FL

If your aging family member is looking for a way to experience lots of health benefits by making one small change, adding fiber-rich foods to her daily diet might be exactly what she needs. Home care providers can help your senior to find meals and snacks she enjoys that also boost her fiber intake.

Improved Blood Sugar Levels

Fiber slows down the digestive process, which for people with blood sugar issues means that glucose releases much more slowly into the bloodstream. Adding fiber-rich foods to her diet might be the perfect solution for your senior if she is pre-diabetic and is trying to avoid developing diabetes. Fiber alone might not be all your senior needs to do, however, so it’s important that she follows the plan her doctor outlines for her.

Improved Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol is a necessary fat in the bloodstream, but levels of the “bad” cholesterol or LDL cholesterol can build up and lead to heart disease and other illnesses. Eating a diet that is higher in fiber can help your elderly family member to bring her HDL or “good” cholesterol levels up and reduce the LDL cholesterol. Adding fiber-rich foods to her diet might be something she tries before taking cholesterol-lowering medications.

Lowered Heart Disease Risk

Eating foods that are high in fiber lowers cholesterol, but it can lower heart disease risk in other ways, too. If your elderly family member has risk factors for heart disease, even a family history of heart disease, she may still find that adding fiber to her diet can be a big help. Diabetes and heart disease can develop together, so adding fiber can reduce risks for both major health conditions.

Lowered Body Weight

Many people who get more fiber-rich foods in their daily diet find that it can help them to get closer to their ideal weight. If your elderly family member is actively trying to lose weight, she should talk to her doctor about how to do that safely. Fiber helps your elderly family member to stay fuller longer, which can be a huge help to her if overeating has been part of what’s caused her to have issues with weight. Home care providers can also help monitor her food intake.

Improved Digestion

If your elderly family member has poor digestion or experiences issues like heartburn or GERD, fiber can help her to get her digestive system back on track. Fiber is also fantastic for the bacteria that live in your senior’s intestines. Feeding the good bacteria helps to ensure that they’re able to keep the bad or unhealthy bacteria in check. A healthy gut biome allows your senior to experience better health in other ways, too.

Adding fiber-rich foods to your senior’s diet doesn’t have to be complicated. She may forget, however, or find it difficult to adjust to new dishes. That’s where home care providers can do a lot of good for her. Elder care professionals can take over the cooking duties for her and help your senior to establish routines around meals and snacks that are high in fiber-rich foods.

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