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4 Post-Hospital Care Tips to Make Your Senior Parent More Comfortable

There are a lot of things to consider for post-hospital care when your senior parent is returning home, but don't forget these four tips!
Post Hospital Care Naples FL
Post Hospital Care Naples FL

If your senior parent is being released from the hospital or from a rehab stay because they had a severe medical event like a stroke, heart attack or were injured in a fall, they are probably very anxious to get home. But once they come home, they may need post-hospital care until they are fully recovered. If you can’t stay with your senior parent around the clock, there are some things that you can do to make them more comfortable and be sure they can safely recover at home.

Get Post-Hospital Care

Post-hospital care is designed to meet the unique needs of seniors who are coming home after being in the hospital or at rehab. The caregivers who provide post-hospital care know how to do things like help seniors who have surgical incisions or injuries get in and out bed, get to the bathroom, and walk around the house to get their blood flowing.

They can distribute and manage medication and keep up with the housework and chores so that your senior loved one has a safe and comfortable home to recover in. They also can make meals and ensure that your senior loved one is eating and staying hydrated. When you can’t be with your senior parent as they recover post-hospital care is the next best thing for your senior parent.

Make A Comfy Bed In A Convenient Location

If your senior loved one has a two story home they may prefer to sleep on the primary floor for awhile. The stairs could be physically challenging for them, and the effort may too much for them while they recover. Set up a cozy and comfortable bed on the primary floor for your senior parent. Buy new cozy bedding and make sure that that mattress is comfortable. If possible, situate the bed close to the primary floor bathroom so that your senior parent won’t have to travel that far to use the bathroom.

Get Them Some New Pajamas

After being in the hospital for awhile, your senior loved one is probably pretty sick of the pajamas they have and they may be pretty worn. Get your senior parent some fun and comfortable new pajamas to wear while they recover at home. Don’t forget to get a new robe for extra warmth and some very cozy slippers with sturdy soles so that your senior loved one will be able to safely walk around the house in their slippers.

Stock The House With Food And Drinks

You should also make sure that the house is stocked with all of the foods and drinks that your senior loved one prefers. After eating hospital food for a long time, your senior parent is probably very excited to have their favorite foods again. And make sure there plenty of healthy snacks like fruit, whole grain crackers and cheese, and protein shakes to make sure that your senior parent is getting enough protein.

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